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The designers at Zaha Hadid Architects continue to push the boundaries project after project. Inspired by China’s centuries-old tradition of jade carving, the exterior looks like a piece of artwork of its own. This 40 story building resembles a figure eight and holds two central cores that connect at the top and in the middle.

The interior contains 770 hotel rooms ranging in a variety of styles. If you feel like treating yourself to like life of luxury for a night, you can book a “sky-villa” for approximately $11,000 a night. Don't worry if the “sky-villa” isn’t in your budget, this resort holds an additional four other hotels you can choose from as well. The structure is also home to 20 different restaurants, two movie theaters, a shopping district, and so much.

Click on the link below to take a glimpse inside the world's first high-rise exoskeleton, known as the Morpheous Hotel.


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