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Aprilli Design Studio's Autonomous Travel Suite

The future is looking bright for the world of hotel design. The Radical Innovation competition selected three different studios from around the world to come up with forward-thinking hospitality concepts.

Varinot & Varinot Architectes of Paris created the Aquaponic Experience Hotel which includes an aquaponic system throughout. This system can purify the water and receive nutrients from the waste of farmed fish. The hotel itself will produce its own fruits, vegetables, seaweed, flowers and herbs.

Aprilli Design Studio designed the Autonomous Travel Suite bringing your hotel room right to your front door. Theses suites are designed to drive you from your home to the hotel. Once the mobile has arrived to the hotel, it will connect to a large suite and the mobile can then serve as your personal car for the trip as well.

The third concept was submitted by Network of Architecture in Bolzano, Italy. This retreat was designed with single parents and children in mind when they are experiencing family changes. The space will hold therapeutic areas to allow the guests to interact in individual and group sessions.

To check out more details about these three finalists, click on the link below.


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