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This century is beginning to rediscover the use of clay from it’s primary use for craftsmen and potters, to transforming it into a common creative expression. These creatives are “stepping outside of the pot” to bring clay to life and embrace the imperfections of each piece of work. From small-scale figures to full-size furniture pieces, designers are choosing to use clay due to its strong durability and longevity.

In the book, New Wave Clay by Tom Morris, he showcases the work of 55 ceramicists that are giving us a fresh perspective. Many of these people include some of the best architects, graphic artists, furniture designers and pattern makers. Morris explains, “Clay is the antithesis of instant gratification - it takes time, patience, deep concentration, and physical exertion too”.

Click on the link below to meet 8 of the designers that Morris includes in the new generation of ceramicists.


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