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If you have not heard of the artist and architect, Harry Nuriev, he is certainly not one you will forget. In an instant you will be able to pick out his projects from his dominant use of monochrome. Nuriev has worked on many residential, commercial and artistic projects worldwide using his own innovative color palette. Millennials are so attracted to his style that he was named Instagram’s favorite designer according to the New York Times.

He works endlessly to make sure that each of his designs are memorable and are unique in their own way. Social media is his main platform where he shows his design process from start to finish. He shows us everything from his inspirations, to his work in progress and the final product. Nuriev is mainly inspired by the fashion world’s textiles, shapes and colors which he can translate into is own design.

To view more of Nuriev’s work, current projects and inspiration, click the link below.


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