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Inside Rapper Drake's Manor

Many people recognize the name "Drake" and his world impact on modern rap and music. Drake is a one of the most successful artists around, and he has created a structural masterpiece to follow his name. Some may not be aware of his interest in Interiors, Architecture, and design. One could assume that his residences are high-end and beautiful, but Drake and his team have taken the design concepts to another level with his Hometown Manor in Toronto.

Canadian Interior Designer Ferris Rafauli brought his craftsmanship and knowledge of noble materials into the project while influencing a "Modern Art Deco" style. The overall concepts included "overwhelming high luxury" and the use of unique materials. Every detail in the house has been ornamented with some of the finest luxuries existing to man. They wanted the structure to withstand time, creating the walls from limestone and coated surfaces with bronze. The images taken are stunning and pull the eye in many directions.


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